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Teddy Okuyama is a skilled writer and translator with a passion for demystifying Japanese financial markets. With years of experience, Teddy helps global investors understand complex concepts by providing clear, concise insights. Discover how we bridge language barriers, unlocking the potential of Japan’s investment opportunities.

14 Years of Experience,
1000+ Projects Translated

With 14 years of experience and 1000+ completed projects, Teddy is highly skilled at translating Japanese. Born and raised in the USA, Teddy received an English-based education while maintaining fluency in Japanese. His natural ability to understand and convert Japanese into fluent English, combined with a passion for bridging Japanese and American cultures, makes him a reliable professional in the translation field.


Specialized in Finance: Precision and Expertise

Specializing in finance, Teddy first honed his financial translation skills at a Japanese securities brokerage. With proficiency in analyst reports and equity research translation, he has since concentrated on IR materials through niche service providers such as Shared Research and Scripts Asia. Teddy’s passion for finance and investor-focused translation approach, combined with his commitment to accuracy, ensure clients receive reliable financial translations.

Expert Solutions


Japanese to English Translation

Offering precise Japanese to English translations with a focus on fluency and clarity. Extensive experience and finance specialization ensure consistent quality and expert knowledge.

10 yen per character

Japanese to English Post-Editing

Utilizing AI-assisted tools to streamline translations for a more cost-effective solution. While not exclusively human translated, this service maintains a high standard with AI support.

5 yen per character

Native English Check and Rewrite

Carefully editing and rewriting English texts by native Japanese speakers, preserving original intent while creating polished, natural English, ensuring improved readability.

5 yen per word


Providing valuable insights on translation localization and Japanese markets. With close ties to foreign investors, this service serves as a dependable resource for understanding Japan’s financial landscape.

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Teddy proved to be highly professional and flexible in his approach, carefully following our requirements and frequently communicating with us. Furthermore, although the translation of analytical reports requires a significant amount of research, Teddy has proven to have outstanding research skills, and was always quick to deliver high-quality translations before the deadlines discussed, while also making sure to leave comments with sources referenced in each document.

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