Earnings Report

Providing accurate and reliable earnings report translation, we focus on maintaining the integrity of financial data, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Our translations ensure that the numbers are correct and formatting is consistent, taking into account each company’s unique business model, growth strategy, and key initiatives. Past clients include Ai Holdings, Amvis, Cyberlinks, Foster Electric, Kureha, SHIFT, and Symbio.



Financial Results Presentation

We convey your company’s message in concise, clear, and investor-friendly language. Balancing accuracy with engaging content, we adeptly transform source text into a clear message for foreign investors. Our translations prioritize clean, simple formatting for an enhanced appearance. Past clients include Abalance, Aucfan, AXXZIA, Chatwork, Cyberlinks, Foster Electric, Katitas, MacBee Planet, and Neo Japan.



Earnings Call Transcript

Drawing upon our experience working on the research team of a securities brokerage, we provide fluent and accurate earnings call transcript translations with quick turnaround times. This background enables us to effectively interpret analysts’ inquiries and understand management’s intentions, even when the language is highly conversational. Our skills highlight bilingual proficiency, speed, and high-volume capacity. Clients include Kyocera, Lasertec, Money Forward, Murata Manufacturing, MUFG, Note, Omron, Sekisui House, and Shimadzu.



News Release and Others

Our translation expertise spans financial documents, news releases, and various materials for clients such as Aeon Group and Toyota’s Toyo Times. We handle projects including compliance, contracts, presentations, integrated reports, website content, and PR materials. Our versatility is showcased through our work on ESG, sustainability, and compliance documents, in addition to legal, PR, ad copy, and voice-over materials.


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