Top resources for Japan investing.


News & Media

Nikkei Asian Review

Online and print publication for Asian news and analysis. Providing in-depth reporting on business, politics, and society.

Japan Today

Online news site with original stories and curated content from domestic and foreign media outlets on Japan-related topics.

The Japan Times

Japan’s largest English-language daily newspaper, with news, opinions and features on Japan and the world.

The Asahi Shimbun

One of Japan’s most influential newspapers, with a liberal-leaning editorial stance and a focus on social issues, culture, and sports.

NHK World-Japan

Japan’s public broadcaster’s international service, offering English news, documentaries, culture, and lifestyle programs.

The Mainichi

One of Japan’s major national newspapers, with a centrist perspective and a reputation for quality journalism and investigative reporting.

Reuters Japan

Breaking news, analysis, and multimedia content on business, markets, and more from the global news agency.

Kyodo News

Japan’s leading news agency, supplying domestic and international news, photos, and videos to media outlets and businesses.

Research & Consulting

Shared Research

Comprehensive research coverage of Japanese listed companies. Pioneering service for global institutional investors and corporates.

Storm Research

Boutique equity research house focused on Japan. Delivering high-quality research and insights on under-researched small and mid-cap companies.


Financial information service provider in Japan. Offering news, analysis, data and consulting on Japanese markets and companies.

Bridge Salon

Online media service for individual investors in Japan. Providing timely and useful information on stock investment and financial markets.

Astris Advisory Japan

Independent equity research firm specializing in Japan. Providing in-depth reports, thematic research, and corporate access.

Musha Research

Independent investment advisory firm in Japan. Offering macroeconomic analysis, market commentary, and asset allocation strategies.

Stock Research Center

Research platform for newly IPOed companies in Japan. Offering free analyst reports and updates.

Kenkyo Investing

Subscription-based research service for deep value Japanese stocks. Providing actionable ideas, deep-dive analysis and market updates.

Investor Relations

IR Japan

Leading IR consulting firm in Japan. Providing comprehensive solutions for listed companies and investors, including corporate access and advisory.


IR support service provider in Japan. Offering shareholder meeting support, IR event management, IR video production, and IR consulting.

PR Times

Online media platform for press releases in Japan. Connecting companies and media outlets with timely and reliable information.

JCN Newswire

Online news distribution service for corporate press releases in Japan and Asia. Connecting companies and media outlets with multilingual and multimedia content.


Professional IR support service provider in Japan. Offering IR strategy planning, IR website development, IR tools, and IR seminars.

Brain Center

IR consulting firm in Japan. Providing IR planning, IR communication, shareholder analysis, and ESG consulting.

Takara & Company

Disclosure and IR consulting firm in Japan. Providing disclosure production, IR website development, IR tools, and seminars.

IR Partners

IR support service provider in Japan. Offering IR website creation, annual report production, shareholder meeting support, and IR event management.

Govt. Resources

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Government ministry for economy, trade and industry in Japan. Developing policies and measures for economic and industrial growth.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

Government ministry for foreign affairs in Japan. Implementing foreign policy, diplomatic relations, consular services, and international cooperation.

Bank of Japan (BOJ)

Central bank of Japan. Conducting monetary policy, issuing banknotes, providing payment and settlement systems, and ensuring financial stability.

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

Policy-based financial institution for international economic activities in Japan. Supporting overseas development and infrastructure projects.

Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Government ministry for finance in Japan. Managing fiscal policy, public finance, taxation, customs, international finance, and financial system.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Governmental agency for international cooperation in Japan. Providing technical cooperation, grant aid, loan aid, and volunteer programs for developing countries.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Government-related organization for trade and investment in Japan. Promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

Japan Law Translation by Ministry of Justice

Government ministry for justice in Japan. Administering legal system, immigration control, rehabilitation service, and human rights protection.

Other Resources


Financial information service provider in Japan. Offering real-time market data, news, analysis, and solutions for financial institutions and investors.


Electronic disclosure system for listed companies in Japan. Providing access to financial reports, securities reports, quarterly reports, and other disclosure documents filed by issuers.


Online platform for stock information and social trading in Japan. Providing market data, news, analysis, ratings, and community features for individual investors.


Timely disclosure network for listed companies in Japan. Providing access to press releases, earnings announcements, corporate actions, and other disclosure information filed by issuers.

Scripts Asia

Transcription service provider for earnings calls and events in Asia. Providing accurate and timely transcripts, translations, and data for global investors and analysts.


Learn and improve personal finance and investing in Japan with RetireJapan’s resources, forum, and weekly links. The links are a source of intriguing and useful information on finance and investment topics.

Buffett Code

Data analysis and screening platform for Japanese stocks. Providing financial data, valuation metrics, and charts. Enabling users to screen stocks based on various criteria.

Japan Company Handbook

Reference book for Japanese listed companies. Providing financial data, business overview, analysis, and ratings for over 3,600 companies in Japan.

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