Meticulous translations and consulting by a dual-native, investor-savvy expert.


Translation (¥10/character)

With a strong focus on fluency and clarity, our Japanese to English translations deliver precise results that you can rely on. Our extensive experience and specialization in finance guarantee that you receive consistent quality and expert knowledge in every translation project.

Editing and Rewriting (¥5/word)

We meticulously edit and rewrite English texts originally authored by native Japanese speakers, preserving the original intent while transforming the content into polished, natural English. Our expertise ensures improved readability that effectively communicates your message.

Post-Editing (¥5/character)

Embracing cutting-edge AI-assisted tools, we provide streamlined translations as a more cost-effective solution. Although these translations are not exclusively human-crafted, our AI support ensures that the work maintains a high standard of accuracy and readability.

Consulting (RFQ)

Our consulting services offer valuable insights on localization and Japanese markets, equipping you with the knowledge you need to navigate the complexities of Japan’s financial landscape. By maintaining close ties to foreign investors, we provide a dependable resource for understanding market trends and making informed decisions.




Project Manager
Shared Research Latitude Inc.

Teddy proved to be highly professional and flexible in his approach, carefully following our requirements and frequently communicating with us. Furthermore, although the translation of analytical reports requires a significant amount of research, Teddy has proven to have outstanding research skills, and was always quick to deliver high-quality translations before the deadlines discussed, while also making sure to leave comments with sources referenced in each document.

Project Manager
Uzabase, Inc.

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